On Saturday I was very lucky to attend “TriBeCa Talks Industry: The Cutting Room - An Insight to the Edit Suite,” a talk with Thelma Schoonmaker, at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Ms. Schoonmaker has won 3 Academy Awards for film editing & is Martin Scorcese’s long-time collaborator.

She based her talk around Raging Bull, discussing the editing process but also highlighting the acting, sound editing, & photography. It was wonderful to hear her break down a few select scenes, frequently showing them twice to make sure we caught what we may have missed the first time around. A highlight was hearing first-hand what Ms. Schoonmaker considers one of the most difficult scenes she has edited, one that not only included a large amount of improvisation by the actors, but it also contained two (sometimes crying) young children & was shot with only one camera (for those of you who have seen Raging Bull, it’s the scene in the kitchen where Jake, Joey, Vickie, & Lenora are discussing his upcoming fight against Tony Janiro, seen above).

An interesting fact we learned was that TCM is frequently kept on (muted) in the background of the editing room, which I liked because it’s also a habit of my dad’s (altho not muted & usually too loud).

One of the most fascinating talks I’ve ever attended. If you’d like to read more  about the talk, check out this list of highlights on Indiewire.com.

A huge thanks to VDKA6100 for the passes :)

15 hours ago, it was snowing. Now, this. I’ll take it.

A few outtakes from my shoot with Wesley, who was great fun to photograph. He’s the co-founder of GNTLMN.com, a handmade men’s accessories & home goods company which I love, despite my not being a gentleman (I’m seriously loving this sadly sold-out tote). 

Check Wesley out elsewhere: wesleyverhoeve.com / Instagram / Tumblr

I’ve been getting up earlier every day to combat the MTA’s increasing unreliability. On sunny days these beautiful light patterns are the first thing I see when I come out of my bedroom. 

In other news, I’ll be in Ireland & Scotland in early June & I am verrrrrry excited! I’m nearly done planning, just need to book my flight from Dublin to Edinburgh, which is proving to be tough. The airlines for that short trip only let you take one single bag on the plane. Not a carry on & a purse, just ONE. Anything more & you get charged a LOT. This is proving difficult because I automatically have two bags: one for my camera gear & one for everything else. So…we’ll see. If anyone has any suggestions on what I shouldn’t miss in Dublin & Edinburgh, please get in touch! 

Here’s some cool stuff I read on Tumblr in the past few weeks:

Prague as seen by Jim

Egg-eaters: SO HANDY!

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Abandoned malls? Yes please.

Perfect timing: Of A Kind’s guide to Dublin

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I am thrilled to introduce CAPTURE, an exciting new project I have been working onCapture is simple, beautiful business management for freelance photographers.

To cut to the chase… as a busy, working photographer, this is my dream tool. I need this to run my business more efficiently and to give me more time to do what I love. Also, it looks gorgeous. We are still hard at work, but I cannot begin to start using it myself and to share it with you. 

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Food preparation.

Behind the scenes iPhone photo I shot at my recent In Season Magazine shoot at Asiate, one of the projects that’s currently on my desk.